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CD It took so long

tokunbo akinro - vocals
morten klein - tenor saxophone, mouth drums, percussion
frank fiedler / olaf casimir - double bass
ritchie staringer - fender rhodes

all music by morten klein
all lyrics by tokunbo akinro
except 3 (music & lyrics by tokunbo akinro)
strings on 6 & 10 by trio van d'arc (s. oelkrug, u. rüttgardt, h. ross)

recorded 2002 by hrólfur vagnsson
photography by michael neugebauer / morten klein

ruby soul

(CD - 2002)

  1. cherries from my neighbour’s tree
  2. magic to my heart
  3. it’s up to you
  4. you drive me crazy
  5. i don’t want to see you
  6. lazy day
  7. soulfunk nr. 1
  8. in the jungle
  9. damn good girl
  10. when i’m feeling sad
  11. what has roots
  12. always an excuse

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